Wednesday, 11 October 2017

World Mental Health Day

It was World Mental Health Day yesterday. I still think labelling people with certain symptoms as mentally ill is only half the equation. Of course people suffer with a variety of emotional and mental conditions.  But I don't think stigma is understood.  From my perspective society is actually terrified and phobic of appearing different, or a bit weird, it's not acceptable to fail or to be vulnerable to show confusion or express difficulties or to be mad in any way. Infact to thrive in the mainstream society we must present well and maintain good impressions and good social skills at all costs.  No matter what is going on in ourselves or our personal lives.
I think by indentifying individuals as ill because they have 'lost control' or their behaviour or attitude is unreasonable. I think is a judgement from society. 
whitchurch hospital was located on the outskirts of town literally and metaphorically out of sight out of mind. 
Really wish we would look at our commonally shared sanity.  That is the morally enforced common code of conduct.  Keeping social interactions light and acceptable,  when many people unless society really works for you are struggling with maintaining a version of sanity which I think is a bit nuts.

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Candyblack said...

So true Izzy. Look forward to delving into your blog and seeing more of your artwork.

Van Gogh portraits

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St Dymhna as shaman

St Dymhna as shaman

A story by Izzy

Live Forever

Once upon a time, in a place far far away, there lived a beautiful and spirited woman, who was like a wild flower.

Her hair contained the most incredible dreams and wonderful magic spells, from the most beautiful parts of the earth and from the edges of the solar system.

The wind of the East fell deeply in love with her and played through her lovely locks, it became such that she could command the weather.

One day the wind spoke to the smoke of her cigarette and told it to cling to each and every strand of her beautiful hair.
The cigarette smoke obeyed the wind and saturated through everyone of the golden threads and began to decay from within.

The bright sunshine of her days began to grow dimmer and colder and she was dragged deep under ground and was sent to Whitchurch Castle in the clouds.

Here she battled tooth and nail with demons and dragons. Spoke with angels and had untold adventures with good and evil.

The beautiful dreams that dwelt in her hair, turned into terrifying nightmares.

She went to the well to wash her hair, but the water would not cleanse or renew it. The sun refused to shine upon it and the saddest of all, the wind no longer wanted to play with it.

So the young woman by this time, had become a princess, scraped back her beloved hair into a ponytail and the gold sunshine began to grow out, taking her dreams and magic spells with it.

The Castle keepers were worried about her and so gave her a magic potion to rid the evil smoke that had claim of her hair.
An eternity came and went and she grew older.

One clear day the smoke had finally gone once and for all.

She was banished from the kingdom of Whitchurch and was now expected to toil the fields with the good men and women of the outside world.

She was now mortal and pined for the Easterly wind to play with her again, but he no longer loved her.

One cold morning, she had an idea to attract him back to her, so she sat at her mirror and plaited her hair into strands and put coloured ribbon on the ends to bind them.
Would he notice her again?

With her hair plaited, he would see a string of golden tears that she cried over missing him so much.

Now she lives in a little hut in the village and has worn her hair in plaits for 2,000 years.

One day she hopes it will be unravelled, when he remembers where he left his sunny days and warm nights with her on the moon.
The End

Illustration for story Live Forever

Illustration for story Live Forever
This is a drawing of the character in a story I wrote for a digital story telling course with the Four Winds

Bay Girls

Bay Girls
This is a drawing of two of my neighbours

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Zippo face warmers